The pursuit of a dream

To be sure, leaving your country means you give up many things in pursuit of a dream. Perhaps the main ones are the culture and traditions you leave behind, the way of cooking, style of music and all that makes us Brazilians, or more particularly, what makes us real gauchos.

Real gauchos come from the southern regions of Brazil, parts of Uruguay and Argentina, along the 33rd Parallel. Even though Brazil is a country of continental dimensions with numerous cultures and different culinary heritages, one thing is certain: we are all united by a love of churrasco!

Especially in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, where families regularly gather on weekends to celebrate life, love and friendships, around a traditional gaucho barbecue ritual, famous all over the world for its special cuts of meat and its specific preparation, and all the other cuisine and culture.

Traditions cross an ocean

BAH33º emerged in Europe from this longing and love for centuries-old traditions. Three young gauchos left their country, dreaming of learning a new language and experiencing life in another country, hoping to share the traditions they left behind across the ocean, with the rest of the world.

Motivated by their passion, they began making authentic gaucho barbecues for their new friends in Ireland and were excited by the positive reaction they got. Those people were learning and finding out about a piece of Brazil, a piece of Rio Grande do Sul, thanks to the barbeques, as if they were almost being transported to another land, through their senses.

The three gauchos realized that when people tried the real thing, they wanted more and were fascinated by the way it was cooked, its unique cuts of meat, how long to barbeque the meat, and especially how to keep the whole ritual together in a different situation.

Irish and Gaucho united

Living on the farm and its way of life, made a difference to their lives throughout childhood, because of their close contact with cattle, animals and the farm. Growing up in this environment brought them close to their traditions. This relationship with the family ranch was very important when it came to building a restaurant with a global vision, a vision that is strongly bound to their traditions. BAH33º is all about giving customers a gaucho experience, right from the farm to the dinner table.

They picked Dublin city to fulfil their dream, because the culture of Irish cooking, is strongly connected to livestock and its famous high quality meat. “100% Irish Meat” is a seal that is a symbol of pride. Besides, many people from all over the world have made Dublin their home, and so Irish people are used to being open to new cultures and especially new flavours.

The authentic gaucho bbq

The dream grew, ideas took form, and opening the doors became a reality. BAH33º is a little piece of Rio Grande do Sul in Dublin city.

The meat is Irish, but selecting the cuts of meat and preparing it are gaucho: a symbolic union between the two cultures and traditions. This is a place where Irish, Europeans, Brazilians and people from around the globe can sample authentic gaucho barbecue and its traditions.

Our name

“BAH!” is the most iconic of GAUCHO expressions. It’s curious that depending on how it’s used in conversation, it can communicate almost anything. It’s mostly used for excitement, joy, delight. The 33ºS parallel is the geographical location for GAUCHOS in this world. That is how BAH33º was born.

Welcome to an unforgettable experience!

Bah, do you want to know more about the gaucho culture?

Decades of good memories



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